Centre Henri Pousseur, Liège

Centre Henri Pousseur & a collective of Belgian soloists:

Nico Couck (guitar)
Ine Vanoeveren (flute)
Frederik Croene (piano)
Stijn Saveniers (cello)
Tom De Cock (percussion)
Takao Hyakutome (violin)

Pauly, Another Celibate Machine * for ensemble and electronics
Kreidler, Klavier Study for piano, video and electronics
Oliveira, Burning Silver * pour flute, guitar and electronics
Ledoux, PLS Ap Download for cello and électronics
Steiger, Light on Water (nouvelle version) ** for flute, piano and electronics
Ferneyhough, Mnemosyne for bass flute and electronics
Rosenberger, Untitled (tape) *
Kreidler, Stil 1f * for ensemble and electronics
Takasugi, The Man Who Couldn’t Stop Laughing * for ensemble and electronics
Bloland, Solis Overture * for ensemble and electronics
Hayden, Schismatics // for electric violin and electronics
Pauly, Sky Destroy Dog * for electric guitar and electronics
Schubert, Hello 2.0 ** for ensemble, electronics and video

Centre Henri Pousseur