Lezing Exit to Enter

Muziekacademie Meise

Michael Beil’s work focuses on the combination of electronic music, instrumental music and video. His compositions are based on concepts concerning the situation on stage in a concert in connection with the development process of musical works. Therefore the instrumentalists are mostly involved in the compositional process and their participation is documented to be part of a composition. So the temporal formation and coherence of a musical work becomes perceivable and transparent for the audience in the performance. In order to do this Michael Beil employs live and prerecorded audio and video. A further fundamental aim of his music is to to call into question the art work as a masterpiece. With a view to this Michael Beil engages exclusively with musical readymades by transforming or deconstructing familiar musical works or by techniques of displacing well known musical material or material that is idiomatic for a certain instrument in an unusual connotation.