Sebastian Berweck (DE), piano

PostX, Merelbeke


Sebastian Berweck, piano
– Johannes Kreidler: 22 music pieces for video
– Jagoda Szmytka: Gameboy (2014) (Belgian premiere) for sampler and video
– Brigitta Muntendorf: Public Privacy #2 Piano Cover (2013) for sampler, tape and video
– Scott McLaughlin: Bifurcations in a Continuous System (2011) for Max/MSP and controller
– Yves Daoust: Petite musique sentimentale (1984) for piano and tape
– Richard Glover:
Contracting triads in temperaments from 12 – 24 (2011) for microtonal piano (uses pianoteq)
Logical Harmonies (1)
(2011) for piano
Logical Harmonies (2)
(2011) for piano

Frederik Croene, piano
– Alexander Sigman: Fcremapno, for solo piano and live electronics (world première)