Voyages au bout du Piano #1

Muziekcentrum De Bijloke, Gent

Elisa Medinilla, piano
Sebastian Berweck, piano
Frederik Croene, piano
Wannes Gonnissen, klankregie & elektronic


Peter Ablinger (°1959): Cecil Taylor (2009, from Voices and Piano) piano & tape

Newton Armstrong (°1970): Modes Of Forgetting (2015) piano & live electronics
Thomas Wenk (°1959): Mögen sie Musik? (2005) performance with cassette players
Johannes Kreidler (°1980): Piano Study (2011) piano, video & audioplayback
James Saunders (°1972): 0602015 (2015)
Frederik Croene (°1973): The Frankenstein Variations (2014) piano & sampler
Enno Poppe (°1969): Rad (2003) two keyboards
Alexander Grebtschenko: “<" a performance/installation for 10 speakers and amplifier
Johannes Kreidler (°1980): Kinect Studies (video)
Michael Beil (°1963): Mach Sieben (1999/2000) piano & video
Frederik Croene (°1973): Le Piano Démécanisé (2012) dismantled piano
Terry Riley (°1935): Keyboard Study #1 (1965)
Tristan Murail (°1947): Vision De La Cité Interdite (1986) two virtual Yamaha DX7 synthesizers
Alvin Lucier (°1931): Music For Piano And Two Slow Sweep Pure Wave Oscillators (1992)
Michael Beil (°1963): Doppel (2009) two piano grands, live video & electronics

“I was honoured and delighted to participate in the first instalment of the Voyages au bout du Piano project, coordinated by Frederik Croene, Elisa Medinilla and Sebastian Berweck. It's rare in the new music scene these days to see programs that are as ambitious in scope as this one, not only in terms of the quantity of highly technically demanding work that was presented, but (more importantly) in terms of the breadth of the curatorial vision. The program is highly imaginative in conception, covering a broad range of aesthetic orientations, but at the same time achieving a unified focus in the way that each work asks the audience to radically reconsider their ideas about the piano and pianism. Croene, Medinilla and Berweck are all extraordinary pianists in their own right, but they also bring the rare ability of advanced facility with all aspects of digital and interactive media. They also work highly effectively as a team. Overall, I consider Voyages au bout du Piano to be an extraordinary project of the highest calibre, and hope to see it developed further.” — composer Newton Armstrong about Voyages au bout du piano #1